20 Reasons to Become an Engineer

Twenty Reasons to Become an Engineer:

1. Engineering allows you to put your creativity to the test every day.

2. It offers you intellectual and technical challenge.

3. It helps people by improving the quality of everyday life.

4. Engineering offers a host of well paid careers.

5. There is ample opportunity for rapid advancement to the top jobs for those with the ability, ambition and drive to succeed.

6. Engineers make a tremendous contribution to society through enhancement and protection of the environment.

7. They solve global problems through the ideas they develop and the wealth they generate.

8. There is tremendous opportunity to collaborate with many other professionals, including doctors, lawyers, accountants, geologists, scientists, meteorologists, relief agencies and government officers.

9. Because engineering is an international activity, professional engineers often have the opportunity to travel abroad.

10. Chartered and Incorporated Engineers in middle management can progress into top management with correspondingly high salaries.

11. The professional engineers' combined skills of numeracy, creativity, scientific knowledge and team-working make them 'hot' assets to industrial and business employers.

12. Unemployment for professional engineers is virtually zero.

13. Engineering-led companies generate more than 40 per cent of the UK's national wealth

14. Engineers are the leaders in technical innovation. It is making an increasing impact on advances in such fields as medicine and robotics.

15. Out of an estimated population in UK manufacturing of £43,000 individual top executives in 1998, 24% (around 10,000 top executives) were estimated to hold a degree or professional qualification in science, engineering or technology.

16. Of the one hundred FTSE 100 top executives, 17 proved to hold engineering qualifications as opposed to 15 with accounting qualifications.

17. Engineering professionals enjoy a high level of responsibility and autonomy within their chosen area of work.

18. As regards salaries, eleven years after graduation, both Engineering and Mathematical (Computer) Science graduates appear in the top ten disciplines, earning more than Clinical Medicine graduates.

19. The imagination, skills and experience of engineers have had more influence on shaping the world than any other profession.

20. The global engineering community develops engineering education, skills and practice in developing countries in order to help combat world poverty.

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